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Mar 21, ’23 – ‘We just never know’: Odd post office hours delay bills, medicine in Allentown GA

Mar 21, ’23 – Drug test for postal CDL drivers required too much info

Mar 20, ’23 – South Portland(ME) mail carrier charged in dark web drug trafficking case

Mar 20, ’23 – Cost-cutting FedEx reduces flight operations amid ‘demand weakness’

Mar 20, ’23 – The slow death of reliable mail: Apathy abounds in a severely compromised postal service

Mar 18, ’23 – Rural America Grows Weary of Waiting for Its Mail

Mar 18, ’23 – US Postal Service’s Election Mail Program Receives Top Honor

Mar 18, ’23 – USPS still stands in the way of Massachusetts east-west rail plans

Mar 17, ’23 – Where’s my coffee?

Mar 17, ’23 – A progress report on S&DC conversions and plant consolidations

Mar 16, ’23 – Louis DeJoy on USPS, Trump, and His Surprising Second Act

Mar 15, ’23 – Massachusetts mailman hospitalized after assault; attacks on postal workers rise

Mar 15, ’23 – U.S. Postal Service Trucking Contractors Must Now Disclose Serious Traffic Accidents

Mar 14, ’23 – Rural carrier saves three customers from house fire

Mar 13, ’23 – US postal carriers and your mail are under assault. Is there a simple solution?

Mar 12, ’23 – Postal crimes raise fear, concern — but are they rising?

Mar 11, ’23 – Federal panel vacates Postal Service heat citations

Mar 11, ’23 – Race to boost same-day services slows Amazon’s footprint shrinkage

Mar 11, ’23 – Lawmaker Requests Investigation Into Unsafe Driving Record Among U.S. Postal Service Trucking Contractors

Mar 10, ’23 – More postal employees indicted for COVID-19 relief fraud

Mar 9, ’23 – Massachusetts Postal Worker Sentenced for Mail Theft

Mar 9, ’23 – Canada Post announces its first depot using all-electric vehicles

Mar 9, ’23 – Colorado towns sue postal service over delivery delays

Mar 8, ’23 – Caught on camera: Postal service worker charged in assault of Flatbush woman

Mar 7, ’23 – Woman found guilty in case of murdered Longmont CO postal worker

Mar 5, ’23 – Postal Service shares a new list of S&DCs and spoke offices to be converted in June and September

Mar 4, ’23 – Everything you didn’t know you need to know about the Postal Service’s new commercial

Mar 4, ’23 – Amazon pulls back from UPS as it builds out logistics empire

Mar 3, ’23 – Residents say confusion at Bryan & College Station(TX) post offices are causing delays

Mar 2, ’23 – No charges for owner of dogs that killed Florida letter carrier

Well isn’t that nice. Only in Florida.  Thanks DiSantis.

Mar 2, ’23 – Postal Service buys 9,250 electric vans, 14,000 charge stations

Mar 2, ’23 – USPS falling behind on financial goals for FY 2023, doubles projected losses

Maybe making 233,000 routes drive an extra hour 6 days a week might have something to do with it.

Mar 1, ’23 – Trucks Hauling U.S. Mail Frequently Violate Safety Rules. ​Crashes Killed ​79 People Since 2020.

Mar 1, ’23 – The life-upending flaw that USPS won’t fix

Mar 1, ’23 – Paramedics, deputies save two from postal service building in Norman, Oklahoma

Feb 28, ’23 – The Postal Service consolidates its network: Modeling five metros

Feb 28, ’23 – Good deed: Mail carrier seen shoveling for elderly Arlington MA resident

Feb 27, ’23 – Amazon Expands Same-Day Delivery, With Fees, While Battling Slow Growth

Feb 27, ’23 – USPS Tells TV Viewers It Is Reinventing Its Network

Feb 27, ’23 – Trial begins for woman accused of murdering Longmont CO USPS postal carrier

Feb 25, ’23 – Boston Man Charged with Armed Robbery of Postal Worker

Feb 24, ’23 – Michigan: Postal Service driver critically injured when mail vehicle crosses center line in crash

Feb 24, ’23 – Postal Police Won a Grievance, but They’re Unlikely to Patrol

Feb 23, ’23 – Postal Police union head reacts after Postal Inspection Service refuses to reinstate route patrol

So the Arbitrator ruled in favor of the union, and management refuse to comply with the arbitrator’s decision.  Where have we seen this before.  Time for an Article 15 – Failure to Comply with arbitrators ruling grievance.

Feb 22, ’23 – NALC and the Postal Service open negotiations for sixteenth collective bargaining agreement

Feb 22, ’23 – USPS fixing Philadelphia mail delays after audit

Feb 22, ’23 – Portland OR man sentenced to federal prison for assaulting postal employee

Feb 20, ’23 – Truck spills 40,000 pounds of mail on highway in Indiana

Feb 20, ’23 – USPS health insurance marketplace launch gives OPM plenty to do in a busy 2023

Feb 18, ’23 – Mail service to Missouri neighborhood suspended after gun incident

Feb 18, ’23 – USPS mail carrier charged with DUI after crashing LLV into tree in Spanish Fort AL

Feb 18, ’23 – USPS mail carrier seriously injured in crash west of Turlock CA

Feb 17, ’23 – USPS OIG pushes back release date of audit of S&DC plan

Feb 17, ’23 – The Postal Service unwinds the NDC network and merges the mail streams

Feb 16, ’23 – Sacramento mail carriers held at gunpoint during cluster thefts

Feb 16, ’23 – The first two historic post offices put at risk by the S&DC plan

Feb 15, ’23 – Special Delivery: Postal workers put on flash mob performance at Boston’s South Station

Feb 15, ’23 – USPS will treat mail pieces with counterfeit postage as abandoned- and may open and dispose of them

Feb 14, ’23 – February 2023 cost-of-living adjustment memo

7th COLA: $208

The seventh regular COLA under the 2019-2023 National Agreement is $208 following the release of the January 2023 Consumer Price Index.  On February 14, 2023, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the CPI for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W, 1967=100) stood at 874.441 in January, 129.065 points above the base level of 745.376 in July 2019. The 7th COLA stood at 10 cents per hour or $208 annually.  The seventh COLA is based on the increase in the CPI-W between the base index month and January 2023, less any previously calculated COLAs, and will be payable the second full pay period following the release of the January 2023 index. The seven COLAs that have been calculated under the 2019-2023 National Agreement, totaling 322 cents per hour, are as follows: the 1st COLA, 8 cents per hour ($166 annually), the 2nd COLA, 9 cents per hour ($188 annually), the 3rd COLA, 20 cents per hour ($416 annually), the 4th COLA, 93 cents per hour ($1,934 annually), the 5th COLA, 64 cents per hour ($1,331 annually), the 6th COLA, 118 cents per hour ($2,455 annually), and the 7th COLA, 10 cents per hour ($208 annually).


Feb 14, ’23 –Employee Safety Training Lacking at USPS, Says Report

Feb 14, ’23 – Providence(RI) Man Admits to Assaulting Letter Carrier

Feb 13, ’23 – USPS Parcel Volume Drops, Revenue Increases

Feb 13, ’23 – Kansas rural carrier killed in car-train accident near Burlingame

Feb 11, ’23 – PostalEASE functions reactivated

Feb 10, ’23 – PMG’s remarks at yesterday’s USPS Board of Governors Meeting

Feb 10, ’23 – USPS outlines plan to address ‘dramatic escalation’ in letter carrier robberies

Feb 10, ’23 – USPS Postal Bulletin publishes the 85 discontinuance announcements previously omitted

Feb 10, ’23 – USPS seeks to replace First Class Package Service with “USPS Ground Advantage”