Stewards’ Storehouse

This page is the main resource page for stewards.  Here you will find links to the JCAM, Stewards Guide, Grievance Starters, Request for Information Forms, Request for Steward/Union Time Forms, overtime tracking forms, Grievance Form PS-8190 forms, M-41 and updates, M-39 and updates, MRS, etc.

Joint Contract Administration Manual (JCAM)

2016 NALC Shop Stewards Guide to Preserving the Right of Letter Carriers to be treated with Dignity and Respect

Stewards’ Guide(Advanced Labor Education Resource Training)

Defenses to Discipline – 2014                           

Defenses to Discipline – 2012

Grievance Starters

Request For Information

Request for Steward / Union Time

Grievance Form PS-8190(with instructions)


M-41 Updates


M-39 Updates

National Agreement(2019-2023)

Local MOU(City Stations)                                  

Local MOU(Associate Offices)

How to Analyze the TACS Employee Everything Report(Clockrings)

MRS(Materials Reference System)

NALC National Contract Administration Unit

NALC Contract Talk and NALC Activist Archive