The following are grievance starters in Microsoft Word Format.

Grievance Starters for ROUTE INSPECTIONS only CLICK HERE.

All other Contractual Grievance Starters are below:

204Bs – Failure to Provide PS Form 1723 to Union

204Bs – Failure to Take Route After 4 Months

Article 19 – Act of God – Denial of Administrative Leave – Generic

Article 19 – Act of God – Denial of Administrative Leave – Hurricane

Crossing Crafts

Driving Privileges Revoked

Emergency Suspension – Unsafe Driving Practice

Full-Time Flexible – Failure to Create Position and Convert

Grievance – Art – 41 CCAs – CCA Not allowed to Opt

Grievance – Art – 41 CCAs – Not Maintaining Hours – Opt

Grievance – Art – 41 CCAs – Removal from Holddown

Grievance – Art – 41 Not allowed to Opt

Grievance – Art 15 – Non Compliance – M-01834

Grievance – Article 41.1.A.2 – PS Form 1723 Not Provided

Grievance – CCA Conversion AL

Grievance – CCA Separation

Grievance – Minor Adjustments

Grievance – Sample – Dois – M-01664

Grievance – Temp Loan Non Compliance – M-01827

Grievance Procedure – Failure to Comply with Grievance Settlement

Hold-Down or Opt – Improper Removal from Hold-Down or Opt

Improper placement Art 12

Improper Withholding Grade 1 – Failure to Convert PTFs

Improper Withholding Grade 2 – Failure to Convert PTFs

Letter of Warning – Unauthorized Overtime

Light Duty – Failure to Provide

Limited Duty – Employee Put in Standby Room

Limited Duty – Withdrawal Of

Non-Traditional Full-Time Clerk Improperly Excessed to Full-Time Letter Carrier Position

Notice of Removal – Unsafe Driving Practices

Overtime – Daily Violation – Improperly Forcing Non-ODL and Work Assignment

PM Office Duties – Improper Instructions to Not Complete per M-41

Posting – Failure to Timely Post Vacant Route or Assignment

PS Form 3996 – Failure to Provide When Requested

Retreat Rights – Failure to Offer – Comparative Work Hour Report

Review of Minor Route Adjustments Not Done Properly

Unauthorized Overtime – Improperly Recorded on PS Form 1017-B

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